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A-Atlantic Plumbing & Drain Services have many options for you when it comes to Sewer Repair. Camera Inspections and snaking is the first step. Then we can determine what will be the best approach. Hydro jetting and milling are both methods used to descale, remove grease, and smooth the pipes inner surfaces. Sometimes digging is required but many times it is not required to replace the whole lateral.  The Master plumbers will work with you to determine the best approach that fits the sewer repair needed at your home or business.        


The main sewer line that runs from the county or city tap into your home is one of the most important aspects of your home’s drain system. Various things can prevent the main sewer line from doing its job such as age, root intrusions, cracking misaligned pipes, ground settlement, harsh chemicals such as Draino or other drain cleaners. 

Sometimes a drain can be scoured with equipment like Hydro jetting and give years more of service. When it comes to replacement, we also have options for you such as traditional excavation, trenchless pulling methods, cast in place, and sectional partial replacement. 

The best way to determine what is needed is a video inspection of the line, give us a call today and let’s take out the guesswork. 

Plumbing and Drain Service, Plumbing Service, Drain Service, Water Line Repair, Hydro Jetting,
Plumbing and Drain Service, Plumbing Service, Drain Service, Water Line Repair, Hydro Jetting,

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​Our expert emergency maintenance team are available 24 hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year to attend to your problem promptly and competently!

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