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Hydro jetting is the process of using high volumes of water under high pressure to clean and scour the interior surfaces of main sewer lines that build up over time.  It is also very good at clearing tough clogs as opposed to snaking or rodding that simply knocks the clog or obstruction loose. This intense cleaning helps prevent the likelihood of future clogs and backups as the water scours the pipe walls to remove grease, food particles, mineral scale, debris, and, in some cases, tree roots.

The first step in seeing if you need hydro jetting is to have a video inspection done to determine the cause of the issues and determine what type of material was used in the original main sewer.


Our Hydro jetting experts have a multitude of various heads that are used to ensure the tool is not only effective but doesn’t hurt the sewer. During and after Hydro jetting your technician will monitor the cleaning and progress with video equipment to ensure the job is done correctly. 

Additional Services

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​Our expert emergency maintenance team are available 24 hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year to attend to your problem promptly and competently!

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